The Econda integration consists of the following parts:

  • Tracking of user data / tagging of the user by Econda
  • Personalization of product lists based on tracking data


  • Makaira provides category feed & product feed for Econda

Tracking of user data through Econda

Econda provides a tracking framework (Javascript library) with which the user is tagged (visitorID is stored in the browser via cookie) and then user interactions are tracked based on the visitorID.

The tracking thus creates personal profiles at Econda, on the basis of which the personalization of the product list sorting is carried out in the next step.


The following events are tracked:

  • View product detail page
  • Add-To-Cart Event
  • Purchase/Order event
  • Login event (thereby linking e-mail address with visitorID for cross-device tracking)

Personalization of product lists based on tracking data

The complete communication for the personalization takes place in Makaira. The visitorID is sent to Makaira and from there it is sent to Econda with the product list requested by the customer (category page/search results page). There the product list is re-sorted (aka "personalized") and the result is played back to the store via Makaira. So every customer gets his personalized product list.