Filters and sorting

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about filtering and sorting with Makaira.

Can I sort filter values alphabetically regardless of case?

Case-sensitive, alphabetical sorting of filter values is not possible natively with ElasticSearch. The following alternatives are available:

  • Imported filter values in lowercase
  • re-sorting the values (e.g. in PHP or JavaScript)

My individual sort key is not recognized by the Makaira, why?

Sort keys that do not start with the prefix "OX" are processed case-sensitively. For this reason, individual sort keys must be transmitted in correct upper and lower case.

Can I show a filter only for a certain category, but exclude it for the search?

If a filter is deactivated in the Makaira backend, the response to a search query will generally no longer receive this filter.

However, by assigning the filter to a category in the Makaira backend, these disabled filters can still be displayed on the assigned categories.

How can I generate SEO URLs for set filters or filtered pages?

Makaira automatically generates SEO URLs for filtered search results and category pages in the following format:

[filter key]_[filter value]

For example:

The filter key is the ID of the filter configured in the Makaira Filters.

The filtered pages are additionally excluded from indexing by Google by means of noindex/nofollow.

How can I maintain the translation of the filter titles into other languages?

Translations of filter titles are not maintained directly in Makaira.

Instead, Makaira's response includes the title of the aggregations provided.

This title is then translated in the Connect module using oxmultilangassign, provided a translation key is maintained for the appropriate language. (see views/tpl/filter/base.tpl file).