Import and search

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about importing and searching with Makaira.

How can I configure individual languages for my import?

By default, all languages present in the store are defined, regardless of whether they are enabled or disabled. There are two ways to exclude a language from import:

  1. the deletion of the language in the store
  2. in consultation with support, a whitelist of all languages to be imported can be created

How can I exclude fields on my products/categories/manufacturers from import?

Blacklisting of fields is possible in the Connect module.

In OXID, several values are maintained for an attribute. Can these values be indexed separately and provided as filters?

Yes. By default, the importer recognizes multiple attribute values by the separator of a hash (#), e.g.:

Material -> Baumwolle#Polyester

However, this separator can be customized upon request.

My external interface, external module or similar does not use the save() method of the OXID objects. How can I still propagate changes to Makaira?

By default, changes to article, category or manufacturer objects in OXID are registered in the makaira_connect_changes table. This happens automatically when the save() method of the objects is called in the course of these changes.

If this is not possible, the Connect module provides a touch() method on the OXID objects oxarticle, oxmanufacturer and oxcategories, which makes corresponding entries in the table. Thus, changes to the data can also be registered manually for the Makaira importer.

It should be noted that "change" also includes the deletion of a data record and must therefore be propagated.

Only the parent items appear in the search results, but no variants. Why?

The display of parent items is OXID standard. Currently, it is not easily possible to add variants to this list. However, if necessary, this can be solved project-specifically. Support is available for this if you have any questions.

As a customer, how can I modify my search queries?

On the store side, the requests to the Makaira can be manipulated with the help of a separate module. Thus, for example, own values can be added. In the given case, the support can assist you in the implementation of such a module.

Can I exclude individual products from the search but still display them in the relevant categories?

Yes, if you want to exclude products from the search, it is enough to set at the product.



Can I - instead of searching for the name or description of a product - also use the article number (OXARTNUM)?

Yes, Makaira supports searching for the exact part number by default.

I have created synonyms/assignments and the number of results differs depending on which of the search terms I use. What happens here?

Probably the fuzzy search is activated and the following behavior occurs here: Synonyms/assignments are a special kind of terms in the search, which must be found exactly, because not without reason one made the definition in such a way. If you have created e.g. `jeans => pants`` you do not want that also hare is found (1 spelling mistake removed). To prevent that the search for `pants` now finds rabbit you can either deactivate the fuzzy search or include `hose` itself in the definition, i.e. `pants, jeans => pants`.

Special characters and numbers appear in my article names. How does this affect the search?

Makaira follows almost completely the standard "UNICODE TEXT SEGMENTATION".( This means that almost all special characters are recognized as word separators. E.g. `dog-rabit` becomes `dog rabit`.

Exceptions are the following special characters which are removed by Makaira in a word but are not used as word separators ",`,´,’. E.g. `dog’s` becomes `dogs`.

Numbers and the following special characters are not removed, but form searchable characters within a word: .,_,&,???. `hund.hase` remains `hund.hase`.

How can I search part numbers with Makaira?

By default, makakira searches the ean field. If there is a unique match here, makaira will display only this match as the search result for products/variants. Please note that it must be a unique entry in the ean field. If this is not the case, Makaira will return the search results for the standard product search. Of course, it is also possible to add the ean field as a field to be searched in the search configurations. Makaira then sorts the results according to the relevance and thus displays the best results further in front.