Improve search results with synonym, antonym and association

Creating synonym, antonym and mapping is generally not the best solution to improve search in a store, because unexpected behavior can occur quickly and features like fuzzy search do not work with synonyms. For example, if I have 10 similar products in my store, but they are all named differently, it is possible to create a temporary solution with 10 synonyms, but it would be better to edit the description of the articles or at least to store the most important terms in the Searchkeys field uniformly for each product. Furthermore, it does not make sense to import all synonyms for a term across the board from a synonym dictionary, as this quickly leads to a very fuzzy search. In general, it can be said that concentrating on a few frequently used words is better than trying to cover all conceivable cases.

A good starting point is the evaluation of the search queries (monitoring). If it becomes apparent here that certain search terms frequently do not deliver any results or are linked to a poor conversion rate, these cases should first be checked manually. If it now appears that only a few or no relevant results can be found under this search term, it must be checked whether another search term delivers better results. If the new search really fits better to the customer's intention, synonym, antonym and mapping can be used to improve the search.


Create synonym and still maintain the search accuracy. The whole thing will be demonstrated on the basis of various cases.

  1. In the store about half of the products have `` black`` as color description and the other half `` black`` .
  2. Customers often search for ``snapsack`` but all items in my store that match are called ``backpack`` or ``satchel``.
  3. Customers often search for ``roomy backpack``, they are available in the store, but the word roomy does not appear in any description.

Under Search -> How to search -> the following synonyms are created:

  1. black, schwarz
  2. schnappsack => rucksack, ranzen
  3. geraumiger rucksack => rucksack