Search redirects

To redirect a customer directly, without showing him any search-result-page,  to a target page based on a search term, "search redirects" can be added in Makaira.

Creating search redirects

After selecting the target URL or the target document, the desired search words can then be added.

The search words are automatically analyzed at the search endpoint so that, for example, typos, misspelled letters and umlauts or special characters are automatically adjusted. Additionally we remove whitespaces to simplify the handling when using multiple search terms.  This means that you do not have to specify a large number of search words in order to trigger the redirect.

Typing errors are corrected as follows:
from a word length of 5 characters, one typing error is allowed
from a word length of 10 characters, two typing errors are allowed

Example for the simplified configuration:
"ski backpack"  covers the following user search variations :"skibackpack", SKI backpack", "ski bäckpack", "ski backpacks"

Enable search redirects

To enable search redirects in your frontend/API as well, you still need to activate the search configuration under Search -> "What is searched?" the "Search Redirects" must be enabled.