What do I need to bring as a customer?

The ElasticSearch instances are provided as part of the SaaS offering via the partner ScaleCommerce. In exceptional cases, it is possible to use ElasticSearch on-premise.

For the one-time setup of your personal Makaira instances, we need the following information:

  • Which instances (live, stage, dev, ...) are needed for the store?
  • Under which URL are the respective store instances accessible?
  • If the store instances require authentication (e.g. .htaccess), we need the corresponding access data.
  • An e-mail address to be used for login to Makaira, as well as associated passwords, if required.

Setting up the Makaira application

After you have provided us with the information described above, we can set up your Makaira application. Once this is done, the integration of Makaira in the store can begin.

Integration of the Connect module in the store