Smart Bundles

Smart Bundles allow the user to create bundles based on various criteria. Through the bundles you increase the shopping cart and reduce returns, because only matching products can be added to the cart. In this way, matching outfits, rooms, equipment, etc. can be created according to the products.

A bundle always consists of at least two product groups (slots) and conditions among the slots. The conditions allow to link matching brands, colors, product groups or other arbitrary attributes to ensure that only matching products for the slot are displayed for selection.

List view

The list view provides you with an overview of the bundles you have already created. The view offers you the following functionalities.

  • Create a new bundle
  • Edit an existing bundle 
  • Search for a bundle in the list
  • Delete one or more bundles

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Create a Smart Bundle

A new bundle starts with the basic configuration consisting of a title, an identifier, for use in the frontend, the page title and a SEO url, where page title and SEO url are language specific.

Once you have made the settings you can continue with the configuration of the slots.

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Configure a Smart Bundle

In the upper area, you can

  • Add slots
  • Define products per slot
  • Define conditions between slots

The slots can be connected as required or optional which defines when a bundle is ready to put into the cart. If two slots are connected as required and the third slot is optional the customer can put the bundle in the cart when he has chosen a product for slot 1 and slot 2.

For the definition of the products in a slot, you can define any attribute filters and link them with and or or.

The connection influences the behavior of the slots among themselves. Thus, you can ensure that only suitable products are displayed in the other slots, depending on the slots already occupied. Without conditions, all products of the slot are offered for selection.

In the lower area, you can set the representation, consisting of title, image and text for a button, of the selected slot in the frontend.

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You always need do full imports after changing Slot settings

Product - Slot configuration


In this examle view you can see the filter configuration for the products which should be shown in Slot 3.

Slot - Slot Conditions

This view shows you an example how conditions between slots may look like.



For filters and conditions you can use serveral comparators depending on the datatype.

Available comperators
Comparator Required Data Type Description
like any filter where field contains the value
not like any filter where field not contain the value
in list any filter where the field value is in the specified list
not in list any filter where the field value is not in the specified list
empty any filter where the field value is empty
not empty any filter where the field value is not empty
greater int, float filter where the field value is greater than
greater or equal int, float filter where the field value is greater than or equal
less int, float filter where the field value is less than
less or equal int, float filter where the field value is less than or equal
between date  filter where the field value is between a range of period


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