In the Connect module, the general configurations are made about how the Makaira will be used in the store:

  • Enable for search: Use Makaira and the ElasticSearch index provided through it to answer search queries instead of the OXID standard.
  • Enable for category: Use Makaira index to build category pages instead of OXID standard.
  • Top category contains all products of the subcategories
  • ID of the category tree filter (if available): enter the ID of the category tree filter here, otherwise this filter is not fully usable
  • Generate SEO URLs for filtered category and manufacturer pages: Use the mechanism provided by Makaira to automatically generate SEO URLs for enabled filters.
  • Import Attributes & Fields: Here you can individually define which fields of the products, categories or manufacturers should not be imported into ElasticSearch. In addition, you can specify which attribute fields should be interpreted by Makaira as integer or float, for example, to use them for a range slider. It is important that no typecast from another format takes place here. The correct format of the attributes must be maintained before.

There is a default list of excluded import fields. These fields are not used by most customers. If you notice that a field is not present, you should check this list first.