Once the Makaira application is ready, the Shopware Connect plugin, which connects the Makaira to your store, can be installed.

Please perform the following three steps:

  1. Installation of the Connect plugin
  2. Configuration of the Connect plugin
  3. Prepare first import (Touch all)

1. Installation of Connect-Plugin

The Connect plugin can be easily installed via composer. If you need the Connect plugin as a package, please contact our support.

You can install the Plugin via composer using the command:
composer require makaira/shopware5-connect

After the successful installation, the plugin can be activated in the Shopware plugin manager.

2. Configuration of the Connect Plugin

For the configuration of the Connect plugin, all relevant information (Makaira Secret, Makaira Instance and Makaira URL) can be found under your Makaira instance "Profile Picture" -> "Installation".

Enter this data - possibly separately for each subshop - in the plugin configuration of the Connect plugin in Shopware.

3. Preparation of initial data import

To be able to synchronize your data with Makaira you need to set the initial revision of your data by touching all documents.
Please call the corresponding console command to do so:

4. Contact Makaira Support

Finally please contact the Makaira Support via or Slack, we configure your importer and start an initial import and setup the incremental continuous import for your data into Makaira.