The answers to the most frequently asked questions about templating with Makaira.

I have an OXID theme which is based on Azure/RoxIVE. Will we have any problems with it?

The customizations of the templates and blocks for the functionalities of Makaira are based on the Flow theme and its default blocks. If these blocks are not available in the used theme, the templates can be included manually instead.

In my previous theme I saw filters in the sidebar. After installing Makaira I no longer do, why?

Not displaying the filters in the sidebar is a conscious decision. For the implementation of the filters, autosuggest, etc. for Makaira was oriented to the Flow theme. However, this theme does not have a sidebar on all page types. In order to be able to display the filters on all page types, they were always placed above the products.

As a customer, how can I make adjustments to the template of filters, autosuggest or additional search results?


By default, the filters are displayed via the blocks of the default theme (Flow) in the frontend. Prerequisite for displayed filters are therefore the blocks:

  • page_list_listbody in Template page/list/list.tpl
  • search_results in Template page/search/search.tpl

The blocks used here include template files, which can be overwritten using the usual OXID logic. For this purpose, only the template file, which is to be overwritten, must be stored with the same name and path to the file in the own theme. OXID prioritizes these files before those from the module.

Additional Search Results(Categories, Manufacturer,Searchable Links)

The additional search results(Search fields) are also displayed in the frontend via a search_results block from the default theme's page/search/search.tpl template. The overwriting is done in the same way as for the filters.


The autosuggest functionality is triggered by the default element for the search - an input with the ID #searchParam. In response to this asynchronous request to the Makaira, an HTML is delivered. This HTML is in turn generated from the templates of the Connect module.

To customize the HTML of the response, these templates can be overridden according to the OXID logic for each type of search result:

  • Products: makaira/connect/views/tpl/autosuggest/types/products.tpl
  • Categories: makaira/connect/views/tpl/autosuggest/types/categories.tpl
  • Manufacturer: makaira/connect/views/tpl/autosuggest/types/manufacturers.tpl
  • Searchable links: makaira/connect/views/tpl/autosuggest/types/links.tpl

Additionally, care was taken to keep the CSS specificity low to allow easy adjustments to the layout and styling through the CSS.