Advertising banner

The "Advertising banner" module allows you to configure images of advertisements to be displayed on list pages in addition to the regular results.


The banners are in the search result parallel to the rest of the results. The frontend can decide freely about the sorting in the search result.



Active (1)
Active toggle determines whether the advertising space entry should be activated or deactivated.

Time-controlled playout (2)
The module specifies whether the ad space entry should be applied within a time window.

Active from (3)
User can set a date from which the ad space entry should be applied.

Active till (4)
User can set a date up to which the ad space entry should be applied (inclusive).

Name (5)
The name is used for identification of the advertisement within Makaira and overview for the user.

Position (6)
User can choose where in the results list should the image appear.

Language (7)
Different banner can be selected for different language so that the website is properly optimized according to the choosen language.

List type (8)
Here you can set for which type of article list the advertising space list should be used. You can choose between: Search result, category list and manufacturer list.

Only for list type "Search result": Where should the banner be displayed? (9)
Here you can configure whether the banner should appear in the autosuggest, the search or both.

Only for list type "Search result": Identifier (10)
The identifiers can be used to control when Makaira adds a banner to a search result. The type of identifier depends on the selected list type:

  • For the "Search result" type: a comma-separated list of relevant search terms. Upper/lower case as well as spaces at the beginning and at the end of the entry are ignored. Umlauts/special characters are only found in exact spelling. The use of multiple words as search terms is also supported.
  • For the "Category list" type: the ID of the category.
  • For the "Manufacturer list" type: the ID of the manufacturer.

Title (11)
Becomes the "old" attribute of the tag.

ImageMobile (12)
The image to be displayed in the mobile view.

ImageDesktop (13)
The image to be displayed in the desktop view.

Link (14)
The link to which the advertising banner should link.

Type (15)
The options in this dropdown can be configured in the customerconfig. They can be used to signal the frontend e.g. how big this banner is.

Example two entries for type: 1-column and 2-column



Changes to the Customer Configuration can be made through Makaira Support ([email protected])

* The Advertising banners are only available when you book the Makaira Advertising module.

Get Tracking Results for Advertising

The results can be downloaded as a csv in the Advertsing menu if you have tracking enabled and the custom goal Tracking is implemend.