Storefront is the initial page that a user interacts with. It can consist of a range of elements like Product, product list, landing page, etc. These are the elements that provide an overview of your business specialization to the customers. Thus, it's one of the critical and important parts of the website.

The overview of the Storefront that Makaira currently is using is represented below. We can see the landing page and the type of product Makaira works with on the page.


Storefront for marketers

Storefront is essential for Marketers and businesses as customers often interact with the page in order to find the product or services that best suit them. The elegant UI and placement of products in storefront leaves an impact on the user, hence it's important to have a good looking and fast storefront.


Makaira's demo storefront showing landingpage and product menu.

Storefront for software developers

Not only for customers, but it is also important for the developers to interact with the user-friendly system. Storefront for developers with a modern tech stack and sound support from the supporters helps you as a developer become more productive and you can expand your storefront according to your own ideas and benefit from the speed of the development process.

Storefront for agencies

Makaira also provides storefront functionalities to agencies so that your customers can find the right solution for themselves. You can also benefit from our direct support for agencies.