Navigate to the marketplace of Plentymarkets search for the Makaira connect plugin and install it. After the successful installation, you will find the plugin in the menu CMS - Makaira of your Plentymarkets instance.

In some cases, it makes sense to install the plugin manually by connecting to a Git repository. Please contact the Support if you need the access


Plugin entry point

Preparation of Plentymarkets

Create an order referer

Create an order referer under "Setup > Orders > Order referer" ("Einrichtung > Aufträge > Auftragsherkunft") which is used to cluster products that are transferred to Makaira.


Makaira referer

Assign the referer for products

All products that should be transferred to Makaira have to be assigned to the referer. This can be done by navigation to "Edit item > [variant] > Availability > Markets" ("Artikel > [Variante] > Verfügbarkeit > Märkte")

:information-source: The easiest way to configure the referer is the export/import or by using the variant group function.


Assigning the referer

Setup the required event action

The preparation of the data export is done by Plentymarkets event action "Setup > Orders > Events" ("Einrichtung > Aufträge > Ereignisse"). To make the export working please create the following event.


Setup event action

Plugin Configuration

To synchronize your products with Makaira you either need to log in with an existing Makaira account or set up a new one. Both options are supported by the plugin. Please browse to CMS - Makaira for the plugin configuration.

For the subdomain use only the prefix part e.g. for the full domain it would be demo.


Login / Account creation

After you are connected to your Makaira instance you can configure the export settings.

  1. Select the referer with the assigned products that should be used
  2. Select which price should be used
  3. Select which warehouse information is used
  4. Select if tracking data should be sent, if so the correct tracking id has to be set as well
  5. Select if the data should be automatically exported and updated in Makaira

Persist all changes by Save Config




When you are done with the configuration you can Sync Data To Makaira this will generate a NDJSON file within your Plentymarkets instance and all products will be imported in Makaira. You can then monitor the imported documents in the Index configuration section.