Headless approach

Users can independently choose the Headless use of Makaira for their business website if they are not willing to integrate the shop system.


If the goal is not to access the functionalities like Product checkout, shopping cart, and customer account, Headless Storefront can be a good option to integrate. With the help of this approach, customers can still access the following functionalities from Makaira:

  • Product
  • Product list
  • Product description page
  • Landingpages
  • Menu
  • Search suggestion

However, if the customers want to access the following functionalities;

  • Login/logout
  • Shopping cart
  • Product rating
  • Leaflet
  • Newsletter subscription
    then the shop system can be integrated into the Headless Storefront. This flexibility makes the headless approach different from Full integration approach as Makaira is not fully integrated into the shop system.