Page Editor

The Page Editor is the heart for creating content in Makaira. The editor enables you to easily create landing pages, enrich entities like categories or manufacturers with content or create content snippets that could be reused on certain pages.

When using the Makaira Storefront you will also get a live preview which instantly shows you what your page will look like.

The Page Editor opens with a central list that provides an overview of your content. You are able to create, update and delete content based on the content type.


Content types

The Page Editor supports by default the types of landing pages, categories, manufacturers, and snippets where you can place content. In case you imported custom document types to Makaira they are editable as well.

Working with the list view

Find content

Use the search and type filter to easily find the page you want to edit. The search focuses on the fields id, title and internal title.

Create content

The new content creation is depending on the content type. New landing pages and snippets can be created per button at the top of the content overview. Whereas for datatypes like category, manufacturer: just search for them and click on the line item and the detail editor will open.

Entities that do not have content yet are marked with no content yet

Edit content

To edit any kind of content type just click on the line item and the detail editor will open.

Remove content

Find your content in the list and hit the delete button at the end of the line.
For landing pages, snippets the entry is removed completely, for entities only the additional content is removed.

Additional information

Beside the call to action the list serves more content relevant information

  • Expandable line items to get more information and directly edit the content in your favourite language
  • Hovering the globe displays the configured SEO URL
  • Hovering the main title displays the identifier and the internal name
  • Language columns indicate the visibility state for the content page
  • Content type
  • Last editor information
  • Date when content was last modified