Components editor

The component editor offers the possibility to create your own placeable components in addition to the standard components in order to insert and fill them in the Page Editor.

Create component

  • Name: Name of the components in Makaira
  • Identifier
  • Icon

Edit components fields

  1. UI Preview - Provides a preview of how the created component will look in the Page Editor.
  2. API Preview - Provides a preview of the API
  3. Creating the fields
  • Label - name of the field in Makaira
  • ID - name of the field in the API
  • Type - function of the field:

The Text type offers the possibility to add a text input

Rich Text
The Rich Text type offers the possibility to add a text input with text emphasis

Number allows to add a number input

The File Upload type enables data upload to Amazon S3 or Cloudinary

The Checkbox type adds a field that can be set to true or false

The Select type offers the possibility of selecting from several options that can be added and deleted as needed using the "New option" button.

Like the Select type, the Multi-Select type offers the possibility of a selection. The difference is that several options can be selected at the same time.

Via objects a field can be composed of several other fields.

An array field allows you to enter multiple elements of the same type:

  • Text
  • Numbers
  • File-Upload
  • Object

Document types
The Document types type is used to add:

  • Products
  • Searchable Links
  • Landing Pages
  • Categories
  • Manufacturer

This type allows adding the items of a Product-Streams.

Color Picker
A color picker allows for color selection.

Hotspot Image
A Hotspot Image offers the possibility to set points on a self-selected image and to link them with other fields. Any fields can be added via the "New Property" button.